Campus Visits Workshop: Low Attendance, but Encouragement


This is the entrance to the high school. I forgot my good camera, so I took this on my phone.


I had a long day up at the high school. Not many students peaked into speak with me about college, but I did a workshop about Campus Visits and how important it is to choose the right college. Due to bad-timing during the school day and it also being finals week: there was only one student there. However, he was really interested and told me about his reaction to BSU (Bemidji State University) and how he felt his only option left was UMD (University of Minnesota at Duluth). He described himself to me as a hardworking farm boy wanting to be a marine biologist because of his love of nature. I told him about some smaller colleges in Minnesota that had environmental studies programs and good student support services. Since those seemed to be his main concerns with UMD. He hadn’t heard of any of those colleges before, so he seemed pretty happy that he had more options than he had thought. I guess that’s all I can do: show students how many opportunities there are.


(Tomorrow I’m leading a workshop on time management in the afternoon. It’ll be at a later time which doesn’t conflict with as many classes, so I hope more students will attend.)