bam. ok, now we push harder

powervotepeopleIn the climate movement, the talk is buzzing, the plans and visions for a new society based on the power of community are running like wildfire across cyberspace and through a thousand conversations. Under-the-radar victories are already popping up, accompanied by the excited buzz of weather-worn twenty-somethings activists who have spent the last five or more years preparing for the opportunities to come. Alliances are forming, ponderous organizations starting to pick up unheard-of speed, and teams of youth strategists are working to figure out how we invent the new New Deal. The answers are all right here – uniting climate and energy solutions with economic security, geopolitical stability, domestic equity and global justice – and its time to make it happen.

A friend of mine used a simple expression on his GChat profile to capture what I think the climate movement is feeling these days:

“bam. ok, now we push harder”

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