Re-defining Manhood. Cristian & Sara, Northfield, MN.

This week we held the fist session of our project with the male latino community in Northfield. For this session, we wanted to have a small group of people to have a meaningful conversation. We therefore invited people we knew, and we held it at a local Mexican restaurant, where we had a private room for ourselves to give the group some intimacy.

Although we wanted to have an all-male group, we were actually happy that one young lady also showed up with her two brothers and her step father. The reason why we were happy she came along is that she proved our initial theory that not many men in the community know about our partner organization Growing up Healthy, but the only girl in the group did. She has attended some of their gardening, cooking and zumba classes. In fact, her step dad has attended a cooking class with her and her mom, but stopped attending because he was the only man in the room.

We had a great conversation about manhood and what it means to be a man. The participants shared with us that they believe manhood has a different meaning here than it has in their home country Mexico. We focused on discussing manhood, and we also touched the topic of why they are not attending the events that are offered for the latino community. They told us that in most cases they are not interested in what is being offered; however, they would attend if other things were offered such as soccer tournaments, basketball games or lifting classes. Furthermore, one of the participants told us that they have been wanting to build a soccer field in town so that they could use, and they would like our help to write some grants and talk to people in town who may be able to help.

We are extremely happy with the results and we can’t wait

Here are some pictures from our session!

photo 2  photo 3