Blogal Views is a blog created as a space for everyone to engage in ideas, stories, current events, thoughts and whatever else could be posed in blog form. Ideally, it will be informal, thoughtful and conversational. It is set up with Macalester students in mind and posts that are Macalester-specific are welcome. No matter where you’re from, we ask that you please respect this space.

Anyone can respond to a post and anyone who would like to can get registered as an author and blog their own posts by emailing blogalviews@gmail.com. For now, we’ll pose a theme for every week or two and invite the authors to respond to it. Then everyone is invited to respond to those posts in “comments.” Of course, authors may choose to write about something else but there will be a focus every week or two for now.

Blogal Origins: The idea of a blog has been kicked around different Mac circles for the past semester or two and was recently brought up at a meeting of the institute for global citizenship’s student council. Several members representing groups from all over campus were excited about creating a space like this for everyone and it has kind of taken off from there. Welcome.


IGCSC Members 2013-2014

  • Lawrence Furan ’16
  • Farah AlHaddad ’17
  • Lia Hansen ’16
  • Nora Kassner ’14
  • Elena Lindstrom ’17
  • Soo Young Lee ’14
  • Qingyang Liu ‘14
  • Leila Malow ’14
  • Jonathan Melms ’16
  • Phuong Pham ’16
  • Brendan Rome ’16
  • William Theriac ’16
  • Sabrina Upadhyay ’14
  • Jingjing Yang ’16

Advisors: Karin Trail-Johnson, Associate Dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship; Chris MacDonald-Dennis, Dean of the Department of Multicultural Live.

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