SYK Youth Part 3: Checking In with the Dresser

Week 3- Checking in with the dresser

SYK Youth Dance Group,
Wynonna Ardiansyah,
Twin Cities, MN
Part 3

Hello from Sansei Yonsei Kai (SYK) Japanese dance group! Today we spent the first half cleaning up our dances and the second half getting the logistics down for our two performances on Saturday, June 6th and Monday, June 8th. For the purposes of the blog, this post will be focusing much more on the latter considering that the previous post covered the dance practices more extensively.

photo 4 (2)

Our dance director, Linda Hashimoto, and some of the girls from the youth dance group trying on their pink kimonos for the performance.

And really, the logistics of preparing for a performance is a complicated, yet fascinating process. Everyone was super excited about the costumes that ‘ll be wearing so the dresser, AKA our dance director, Linda Hashimoto went through her inventory to find appropriate ones. Considering that we’ll be performing at the Cherry Blossom Festival, she figured that a nice flower pattern would be nice for the occasion. We have loads of containers of different kimonos though so it was a challenge helping her find the right ones.

photo (51)

Each dancer has a green bag to put all their costumes and equipment in. The red and white sticks on top of these bags are dancing sticks that we’ll use in a future performance actually.

Eventually, she settled on some lovely pink, polyester kimonos (with flower patterns!) for the girls and crisp, white happi coats for the boys. We also pulled down some flower hair accesories and headbands for the group too. We then put all our equipment into green bags that everyone decorated with their names back in the first week. It makes it easier for us to put all the costumes into one bag so that we can just grab it and go on performance day.

Though we’ve got all our costumes and equipment now, we aren’t done yet. We’re missing one last step: inventory!

Inventory taking may be the least exciting, but it is probably the most crucial. Every single item of clothing and equipment that a dancer wears has to be carefully noted down. Every kimono, fan, hair accesory, sock or slipper. In fact, each item has a number on it somewhere for exactly this purpose of inventory taking.

The way we do in our dance group, we write down the descirption and number of each item next to each dancer’s name in the master list. Each of the youth in our group took turns taking inventory of their own stuff so that they know how the whole process goes down.

photo 5

The master sheet of all the costumes and equipment assigned to the dancer for this performance. We have to make these as detailed as possible.

Meticulous? Yes. It’s a very thorough process. Some might say it’s overkill but we don’t want to lose or misplace anything in the chaos that is the changing room.

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