SYK Youth Part 2: Dance Flurry

Week 2- Dance Flurry

SYK Youth Dance Group,
Wynonna Ardiansyah,
Twin Cities, MN
Part 2

photo 2 (3)

Running through the dances with our practice kimonos can be uncomfortable but it’s good preparation for when we perform with our real-deal, heavy costumes.

Hello from everyone at Sansei Yonsei Kai (SYK) Japanese dance group! With the stockroom cleaned up after last week’s activities we were able to get a lot more dance practice in this week!

And it’s a good thing too because it turns out that we’ll be having our first performance at St. Paul’s Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday, June 6th. Then we’ve got a private performance on Monday, June 8th for the St. Paul- Nagasaki Sister City Committe (SPNSCC) and the two kite flyers, Seikoo and Akiko Nakamura who are coming in from Nagasaki for the 60th anniversary St. Paul-Nagasaki sister city celebrations. That’s all coming up in two weeks!

The great this is that the dance we’re learning right now, the Sakura Ondo, is a sweet and quick one to learn. The movements in particular are a lot of fun, not just for us dancers, but for the audience too. This dance is actually supposed to encourage audience participation, but depending on the performance stage and setup, this might not exactly be possible. That’s alright though, so long as we’re having funnad dancing well, I’m sure it will show to the audience.

photo (49)

Practicing the circle formation of the dance. We might not actually dance in this format depending on the stage layout but it doesn’t hurt to prepare, just in case.

We’re a bit pressed for time as it is, but I think we’ll be fine in the end. After all, we did a lot of practice this week and the youth are super quick learners. A flurry of dances this week to make up for the slower pace that we had last week, I guess.

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more practice until our first performance! Granted, next week will be a very laid back event and not the formal one we’ll have to do in August. Still, it would be a good experience for the youth and an opportunity for us to prepare performing on stage!

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