Growing From the S.T.E.M. – Nita & Alex | #1

As chemistry and biology majors, we want to offer younger students an opportunity to observe science in a new light, and expose them to some practical applications in an interesting manner.  We want empower them to understand their own ability to participate in scientific inquiry using their own observations and intuition.  The idea of being a scientist can be intimidating, and our goal is to make it less so, and therefore a more attainable path.  Our project, Growing From The S.T.E.M., aims to work with a diversity of students in the Twin Cities over the course of three sessions/sections of workshops, which will introduce them to scientific application and give them a chance to participate in hands-on activities.

Session 1: Introduction

In our first workshop we will discuss how chemistry and biology is applied in society while discussing the importance of collaboration between disciplines in applied research.  We have prepared an activity on keeping a laboratory notebook, an essential resource for scientist researchers.  The final important aspect of our first session will be a serious discussion of safety in the laboratory.

Session 2: Biology

In our second workshop, the students will learn about the digestive systems of humans and mice.  The students will do some hands-on activities to help them visualize the digestive system and also have a chance to look at cells under a microscope. The students will be able to see the different parts of the digestive system and understand the roles of the different organs in ingesting food, breaking it down into smaller parts for our bodies to use, and removing waste once the process is over.

Session 3: Chemistry

The third and final session will be the chemistry workshop, which will take place entirely in the Macalester analytical chemistry lab.  Almost all of the demos will involve and tie into what is known as the triangle of fire.  Students will be pushed to apply their understanding of this phenomenon to intuitively hypothesize what will occur in each demonstration.  Other core concepts emphasized will be stability of products vs. stability of reactants and how this affects reactivity, and basic understanding of properties that may make atoms and molecules reactive.  This section of the workshop will certainly be the most dangerous, however extra safety precautions have been put in place to prevent any accidents.

Most of our supplies/facilities were provided to us by our professors in the Macalester biology and chemistry departments.  General supplies were purchased from funding from the LiveIt! Fund at Macalester College.  We would like to thank both of these groups for their support and are grateful for the opportunity to share our own passion for science with a younger generation!

-Nita and Alex

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