Bad Weather

Since the last blog, the weather has not been giving us much opportunity to work outside. There have been rainy and cold days. On the days that we could get outside to work we cleared an area for mixing the concrete and gathered the sand we’ll us for the concrete. The concrete we decided was going to be used to even up the rock where the two tanks are going to be placed. The sand totaled up to 10 wheelbarrows, which will be mixed with 2 bags of cement.
On another day we cleared another area we had earlier decided was going to be for one of the tanks. This particular area had a lot of tall grass, to speed up the process we decided to burn the grass before digging on to it to make a flat area for the tank. But since this area was near a forest in a deserted place, it was decided that we don’t put the tank there with fears that it may be sabotaged and destroyed by strangers.
On Monday, the already running water line had a water shortage because (its suspected that) one of the joints in the main pipe was opened by strangers and emptied all the water in the tank. We dedicated a day to dig in all the pipes so that they are all secured underground.
During the weekend we had a builder available who helped with mixing the concrete and we leveled half of the rocks where the two tanks will be placed. More sand was collected today to continue the leveling of the rock for the tanks.

PS: Pictures will be uploaded soon!!!!

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