Almost Done

After the building of the second source, it was then time to connect the pipes for the second phase of the project. Connecting these pipes was not very easy because we decided to do it during the week when the number of people working is not enough. But the amazing thing is that we connected the pipes from the source to the tanks in one day! That is more work than we’ve done on a weekend with a lot of people. I was very happy with this progress. The following day people located near the second source were able to get water.
However, with the problem mentioned earlier on about the first source having a little bit of a shortage of water during the winter season, we decided that one tank from the second source should supply water to some of the homes from the first phase to avoid draining the first source dry. This is why during these last few days we have been working tirelessly with building a new trench. This last trench will be the last ‘big job’ we do for the project. Its almost done!

Since the connection of the first line of water supply, I have seen some signs of community empowerment. On one homestead I have seen building of bricks from sand due to availability of water. Many people have been talking about how they want to start up gardens now that water is close by.

PS: Pictures are definitely coming in on the next blog.

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