And here we’ve come to the final week

It’s even hard to say. Word’s gotten around that the summer’s coming to an end, and people have started asking me when I’m out of here. Most of the time it’s easiest to keep it as cheery as possible, and be real with folks when I say that it’s not a choice at this point–I’ve got to go back and finish school. Nonetheless, it’s always hard to anticipate leaving when there are barely 5 days left for me in el D.F.

So what’s been going on lately, you might ask. Let’s let the 1000 colors do the words for the talking:

Beautiful work in the jewelrymaking workshop, as always.

We’re decking out (read: starting up) the silkscreen workshop! Custom cut glass for the screens.

And custom painted dark room.

I’m having some technical difficulties with the computer and internet at the moment, so consider this post a draft that will soon be returned to. But not too soon, because tomorrow morning we’re getting up early to work on the greenhouse and then head to a meeting of another collective to the west of the city, then coming back to the house to prepare for 2 theater performances in the evening.

Full day full house full heart full night’s sleep.

Much love,

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