Work, work, work!

Fifth Week of Work!

I cant believe this is the fifth week of work! We have finished the digging of the first main line supplying one half of the total homesteads. In the past two weeks we’ve had one meeting which went by quickly because we wanted to spend more time on the sites. We presented the progress report, encouraged people to buy taps because it is nearing month end.


This is the first source filled with its first water






Dilemmas at work!

In the past two weeks there has been slow progress in the project relative to the speed with which we started. There have been numerous problems that have arisen due to a clash between traditions and development. The building of the second source has proven to be more of a speaking challenge than it is a physical one. The first issue was that the source is located on a boarder between two chiefdoms, Mbabane and Hlophe. People from the Hlophe chiefdom were claiming the water to be theirs, therefore reported a respected man Mr. Zulu (who is working with us) to their chief for taking their water and distributing it to the other chiefdom. Luckily, Mr. Zulu was not laid any serious charges and the matter was resolved. The second issue arose when we were digging the trench that leads to the second source. We dug it such that it passed through a forest before it entered the source. A man who has a homestead nearby was very unhappy with this as he claimed that the forest is his and we should not have dug at a place that was not appointed by him to us. After a couple of days of talking to him, he finally agreed to the trench passing through the forest. The final issue is that we don’t have any builders available. This has led to the building of the second source to be put on hold for a while. The builder we had for the first source found a job and no longer has time to help with the building. We have, however, secured one builder who promised to help only on weekends though.

Picture of us putting soil on top of the pipes




So far, what we have been doing was digging trenches and putting pipes and taps for homesteads that were already with their material. After the resolution of the first two issues two days ago, we started clearing the second source, getting it ready for the builder to start building the dam.

Pictures below show the site of the second water source and a few men starting to clear the rocks.



Pictures below show the clearing of the first water source so that grass can be grown on the surroundings.

P1000997 P1000998 P1000999

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