Clearing the patio, feasting sin casera

Twas a good day, twas a sad day, twas once again a happy day. Since the anniversary, we’ve cleaned up the house, tried to make a few connections with other collective spaces, and successfully held many a workshop. Since yesterday, in addition to realizing I had online summer calculus homework to turn in, we’ve been liberating the patio from its layersome oppression of occupation to make space for the boxing workshop. The bikes from one corner are now stationed in the garage. The shopping cart of glass to recycle has been emptied and brought to its various destinations. The trash has been consolidated, and now only the trees and bags of dirt are still seeking a new home. Part of this consolidation included repurposing a broken television set, that will either become a flowerpot or a bookshelf, depending on who takes the next step upon themselves.

DSC_6147 DSC_6186 DSC_6171

Hopefully some day the walls of La Colmena can somewhat resemble the public vertical gardens in the historic downtown we passed by the other day:


This afternoon, we were expecting the landlady and her son to come over and talk business. Or, feast on pozole with us and talk about where she’d like to see the project go. Unfortunately, when we did end up getting in touch with her a couple hours after the hora de la comida, they were far away and now won’t be able to come until next week 😦

Regardless, we’d made a delicious pozole and rewarded all the hard workers with the fruits of various farmers’ labor.




Following the meal we waxed philosophical:


And felices:


What is to come in the days that follow? Well, my little brother for one, and a Che Guevara conference and poetry slam for another!

Til the next immediate future,



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