1 year anniversary!

All good things must come to an exquisite end-of-its-first-year-of-existence celebration, and La Colmena proved to be no exception to the rule. Yesterday came to pass the anniversary event that we have been planning since before I landed last Friday, and there is absolutely no better feeling that seeing the house filled with friends and family, workshop students and neighbors, continuing frequenters and some folks who haven’t seen the space in awhile.







The program went as follows:

escaleta para el aniversario copy

We cooked tons of rice and beans and beautifully colorful dishes for all the party attendees:


We inaugurated two murals and a library:

DSC_6031 DSC_5948

We listened to storytellers and all took a symbolic bite of Colmena birthday cake:

DSC_5997 DSC_6048

I’ve been thinking about what time passing means to me; to La Colmena. Some people made beautiful speeches last night, and the core group of us who have been working and living here since its inauguration have come to be family. The fact that we can draw a house full of people to listen to each others’ soul-soothing music is more than I could have asked for, but the fact that we are just embarking on a summer full of projects bien tendidos bodes more than well for the future of La Colmena.

Additionally, we’ve begun getting the word out about our first meeting for the neighboring communities. Next Saturaday at 3 pm we’ll be doling out free food (talk of homemade tamales has been heard), welcoming in everyone interested in hearing about and giving feedback on La Colmena, and asking the community how they feel we can best serve them. I am incredibly excited for what this meeting indicates for La Colmena. Not only are we taking ourselves more seriously in our internal projects (with the library and the orchard for example), but we are knitting more intentionally and tightly our relationships with those around us and living up to our responsibility to the community as a safe space and community center .

In case you’re hungry for more photos, keep up with our photoblog! My best friend Ruth and her fancy Canon came to La Colmena and have been staying here with us to live the communal life and occupy the position of official photographer:



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