All go all day!

As for the books, we are far from having them all classified. However, you might never guess that if you saw this gorgeous new library!! The bookshelves arrived the day before yesterday, and they are perfect!

moving in shelves

Library-bound bookshelves.

shelves and books in boxes

Emptiness, and boxes of potential to grow like that jade plant!

This was earlier in the day. The next evening after percussion class, we got to work:

chelas, zax, boxes of books

Jorge, Angel, Zax, and Galo: the get-it-together crew.

pato shelving, box piles

Pato filling the shelves.

our beautiful books!!

The beautiful books!

library view from the hall

Mariana and a view from the hall.

extra shelving!

We ran out of space quick, so made up some shelving solutions 🙂

box head confuses stefan

Stefan confused by box head.

In order to get the plans for the library and orchard together, we worked with a couple architect students who drew up incredible plans for la casa Colmena. I’m not sure what’s happening with my hair in this photo, but these plans are absolutely incredible!


The feasibility of actually following through with many of the changes they suggested is highly dubious under our current monetary circumstances, but hey, future live-it applicants, let’s talk!

Last night Zax and I stayed up late, listening to Erykah Badhu swirl lyrical truths and collaging poems and paintings into postcards. (I realize now it would have been cool to take a picture of it before I sent what I made last night out in the mail today. Likely that one of you lucky readers will be its recipient *ahem,Nara,ahem*) It was in one of those tranquil, reflexive moments that nearly only ever pass with other people who share their love for cutting up scraps of paper, sidewalk trash-made-treasure, and bags of pens and gluesticks and feathers and inkwells by sharing our scraps and treasures and gluesticks that I was able to dive into a bit of reflection on what La Colmena has meant to me–both in the last year and in the last few days. Not that I think I’m able to put them into words, but I’ll share with you all a small horizontal list of gratitude–also known as a paragraph.

The existence of magic, the potent ability of communal living to create time warp, and a love for weekly meetings have all been proven for me in La Colmena. Communication and what that means and how to do it–across languages, habits, and fears. The value of being completely open to the community, being open to each person I communicate with, and being open to myself have been proven time and again here.

The list will continue, elaborate, and become self-reflexive, I’m sure, as time goes on. For now, enjoy a moment of rest and congratulate yourself on having participated in the art of reading.


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