Ruminaciones de la noche

Zax, Luis, Pacheco and I are staying up late into the night classifying books by the Dewey decimal system (I only messed up the classifications a couple times). Special thanks shout out to Professor Tecla, the social anthropology professor who donated us his personal library resplendent with Marx, socialism, and various pedagogical theories. Another giant thank you to Sir Dewey, the creator of a system tán grande cómo el sistema Dewey Decimal, para que hicieron en el internet unos basos de datos sólo para clasificar libros, gratis para todos! Incluso nosotros!

Unfortunately, it is quite late and in the morning a group of us are going to pick up a washing machine before heading to the colonía’s middle schools to put up posters advertising the storytelling portion of the day of the anniversary. Sleep well, librarians of the world.

With love,

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