Siguen l@s Colmener@s

Two days ago, I was warmly welcomed back to La Colmena by friends from Mexico and from Macalester. With nearly one week to go before the celebration of the one year anniversary of La Colmena, there were countless projects already in the works. Here, I’ll give you a visual tour of these projects and events.

The night I arrived, Amaury (beautiful singer of boleros, teacher of La Colmena’s singing class, and excellent resident of La Colmena) and Macalester’s own Mariana Roa Oliva were interviewed in a musical debut (check out for the recording!), and friends and neighbors turned out!

entrevista de amaury y mariana

The next day, the painter came who is currently embarking on a gorgeous mural on one of the outside walls of La Colmena. Everyone pitched in, and before long we’d finished the first coat!

pintando la pared

The wall in progress. I spy Karen, the painter!

steffan painting from balcony

Here’s Stefan Norman, a Mac grad who’ll be staying here for the summer, rolling hexagons into the wall like a pro.

pared vista de kikis

This is a view of the whole mural from across the street. What a landmark!

I was enchanted by the feeling of knowing the place, and picking out all of the differences from the last time I was here. The kitchen was greatly improved by the addition of a refrigerator:

la cocina

And on a tour of the roof, I found that the group had already completed waterproofing:


And that the plants were growing bountifully!


This is a hammock of mint.


A box of oats.


Stems of amaranth.


Squash leaves.


I don’t know the English name for this plant, but its leaves make a wonderful tea that soothes a sore throat.


Not only were there plants blossoming in the rooftop garden, but throughout the house! Here are a few on the first floor balcony.


When plants become art.


And finally, a tour of the books that will soon become a library!


In the corner of the BiblioTecla.


A re-purposed piece of furniture in the grand hall of the house.


In the upstairs hallway.


Some shelves that were donated last year that we installed in another hallway.



The anniversary is coming up soon, and we’re hoping to finish the mural, redo the electrical wiring in parts of the house, and have the bookshelves installed–all by Saturday!

Much love and thank you for reading,

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