” getting in touch with what made me”

I really did not understand the term “cultural shock in your own country” until the 20th December 2013.  Having been away from home for nearly one and a half years nothing would have prepared me for the sight of my lovely kingdom in the sky as Lesotho is called.

At the border post I was welcomed by the sight of crowds of busy people. The noise, the hooting of buses, street vendors persuasively encouraging me to buy the products, jobless young men begging for some cash, I knew I was home.  Let me skip over the warm welcomes, and tears from family and friends overcome by the joy of celebrating the so important religious holidays with me and move over the poultry farming  project which is part of my live it fund!

Two years ago, having  completed my IB diploma at a United College, I took six months off volunteering with a foundation that catered for orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho.  Being part of the foundation changed my life tremendously urging me to continue on with my passion of social work. Above all, I was deeply touched by an orphanage home which took care off HIV and AIDS orphaned kids. At Mac, when I heard of the live it fund! I could no think of anything other than the place which had made believe once more in humanity.

When I left home, the orphanage only took care of 60 or so kids and was struggling a lot with keeping with the daily operating of the home. This is why I opted to do a poultry farming project as a source of income which would be fully operated by the kids themselves.

Arriving at the orphanage on the 6th of January. I was overcome with joy. Though not all kids had come back from visiting their relatives for holidays the few I have met made my heart melt. Their transformation that I had long hoped for was there, all the signs of despair and feeling of not being unwanted that had become a familiar sight two years ago were all gone. I saw hope for survival people willing fight whatever labels people had put on them to be their own individuals!

Doing the Work!!

Though I was impressed by the new infrastructure of the new home and the fact that they had relocated away from the “city”(many would not consider the previous housing situated a city but it is to me), I was torn by the fact that may kids  had not returned and time was flying by. I had to reschedule my timeline.   Instead of starting off with the kids, I had to start with the people who I was going to work with.  We recalculated the  costs, after the people from the Agric college suggested new methods for raising the chickens. The building with I was promised is perfect was labeled imperfect by my expects and is now going under reconstruction. I have since ordered all the materials needed and I am undergoing training with minister of social welfare about the language I should use when addressing the kids (this was not in my agenda)

However, as of today everything seems to be going in place and Monday the 13th is the big day, I will be meeting all my angles and friends. As for the small delay in updating the blog and failure to have media in the posts, it is all because of the relocation of the home to a rural place. As I type, I am at a small internet café with limited network but I promise to have everything in due time. I am looking forward for the weeks ahead and hoe all the readers will stay with me in the journey.

From the deep mountains of Lesotho, hope you are having great holidays!

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