(Something I meant to post a couple weeks ago but couldn’t finish and now it’s too late so I’m going to start a new post)


We are almost on the last week of July, which means that we’ve had to spend a fair amount of time figuring out our plans for August at La Colmena. The constant movement of people who live in the house, and the way we have been organizing and promoting our workshops and activities in a monthly basis all mean that we have had to create new calendars and even ideas for how to live and work together every month. Agost seems like is going to be a really fun, busy and hectic month. Three of us are leaving Mexico City to go back to the US, and that means having to say some difficult goodbyes, but we also have some friends coming in to live with us, and that means I’m crazy excited at the same time. We have needed some extra time at our Sunday meetings to work out details like, who will live in which room now? and who’ll lead the English workshop once Em and Chlo leave? But I believe that the continuous change that we see at La Colmena is a thing that has made us learn more about who we are and what we want to do while remaining willing to rethink the ways we do things here.

Colmena anuncio




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