Beginning July at La Colmena

July has already been super exciting! The Queermese was a success, we had a great Bachata and Merengue night, saw the beginnning of the textiles dyeing workshop, and someone donated a bookshelf, two tables, a lot of chairs, and a bed to the space.
We have an awesome program for July, and more and more neighbors are coming by to chat with us, take workshops and bring proposals.
And Melipona, the Colmena’s queen bee-cat, whom we rescued the day we got the keys for the house, is looking so much bigger and super healthy!

Colmena bachata Colmena Melipona

Colmena PrintsColmena textilesColmena textiles 2JULIO BIG PDF-page-001



[with pictures by Java, and Emily Murphy (from Mac!). July’s poster design by Alizarin Menninga (from Mac!) and typography by Nat Rabell. Featuring Rebecca Jackson (from Mac!) teaching Alizarin, Luis, Inti Chomsky (from Mac!), Angel, Pacheco, Java and I some dance moves; Roxana showing how to dye textiles, and Emily and Rebecca helping her cut the fabric; Kaila Chan (from Mac!) at the Queermese next to the prints from Ruthan Godollei’s Printmaking 1 class; and the adorable Melipona saying hi to you all.

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