Food not Bombs, Yoga for Children, and a small flood at La Colmena

Colmena Junio colmena no bombas first day at la colmena

The workshops, activities, spaces, and meetings at La Colmena have continued and they keep growing like the mint plants on our windows!

The space has felt a lot more busy this week, more neighbors have stopped by to ask about what we do, and some have come with their children to some of the workshops. Most people show interest in the language exchanges, and in the yoga for children class. We don’t have internet at the house, so it is not that easy to catch up with the blogging, which is just one small part of all the online activity we are also doing to coordinate and advertise our spaces and events.

We are having a Colmena meeting every sunday to talk about new proposals (for workshops, events, ways of living together, etc.) and about other things like “how did we get here?” “how do we define ourselves as a collective?” and they have often been a little long but, at least for me, very nurturing. To one of these meetings came Pako, who does Food not Bombs events in D.F. He collects food that gets thrown away at local markets because is a little too ripe, or unpopular, or weirdly shaped, then makes a big, vegan, delicious meal, and takes it to a group that might need it. Last week, for example, he brought food to “nuestras hijas de regreso a casa,” an organization of family and friends of the victims of feminicides in Juárez, who were here in D.F. on a protest. The problem is that often he doesn’t have a kitchen to cook those meals, but we do! That’s how we decided that we should collaborate. He can teach us how to collect the stuff from the market, and we can help him cook in our kitchen.

This is the rainy season and so we have had rain almost every night. I like the rain because is never too cold, and because that means we get water on our super water collection system and our plants, but the other day we got so much rain that the whole backyard flooded! Luckily though the water didn’t go into the house, and our landlord was really nice and took care of that soon enough. Cleaning and drying the backyard became also a bonding experience for all the colmeneros, except for me, cause I was sick that day and couldn’t stay for the after party.

Next weekend is gay pride in D.F. and I really wanted to organize an event to reflect on some issues that don’t get much attention during this celebration. I wanted to talk about the queer community and the things there are to aspire to beyond marriage equality or our ability to identify ourselves in ads, and about the concept of queerness itself, which is still pretty new here in Mexico. So I suggested to have a fundraising event at La Colmena where we could have fun and celebrate but also offer a different outlook to this celebration, a space in which to explore gender, sexual identity, and so on. People here got excited about it and so it is happening this friday! We are having a “Queermese” which is a word play on Kermese, a type of fundraising party elementary schools make with games, a marriage booth, food, etc.

Gotta run for the language exchange!


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