First week of activities at La Colmena

Before things catch up with us and we run out to make more glasses and flower pots out of recycled glass bottles, or to build a compost bin on the roof, or to learn how to install a rain water collection system, here are a few pictures of what has been going on at La Colmena since I last posted on this blog. We have had already two meditation sessions with our very own Alizarin Menninga from Macalester, three language exchange groups with Hana Masri, also from Mac, a cine-club Thursday with Iván, a friend from here who has been working-and having fun-with us a bunch, and an amazing book binding workshop with two facilitators from D.F. More pictures to come, and soon also a post about all the official and unofficial discussions we have been constantly having about the wider context and meaning of what we are doing and experiencing through this newborn community-experiment.ImagenImagenImagenImagenImagen

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