island hopping

 Imageseries of recent highlights 

its currently 16:36 and we are beating the brutal heat of midday inside an internet cafe in kalpitiya town.  over the past week, from the time of the new moon, the weather has been quite favorable and this has allowed for much expedition of the area, including both island and marine environments.  

anthony, our boatman, has taken us to 8 of the 15 islands, all of which are up for development. their terrain varies from mangrove and marsh to sand and grassland, and 9 of them are home to small villages of migratory fisherman. on a few, developers have already erected signage laying claim to their respective sights. with that being said, anthony has informed us that currently there are quite a few court cases occurring between developers, land owners, and fisherman. *more on this later

two days ago, en route to a nearby reef – Bar Reef – we finally spotted an object in the water that fitted the profile of the dugong. turns out, it was a large shoal of fish surrounding a log. but our hopes are still high and the ardent pursuit continues. at Bar Reef, we donned the scuba gear and explored as much as we could despite the turbid water conditions. 

due to logistical reasons, this weekend and into next week, we have scheduled to conduct interviews with various local officials and fisherman. we will further provide updates soon, for now we must quickly go and film the sunset from the tip of the kalpitiya peninsula, an area called uchchamunai.

*on the photo: vin and myself with anthony’s 4 children – Vinodini (3), Vinoth (13), Madushka (6), Uresha (16)

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