The Baking Has Begun!

Leah Blog 2
By Leah Plummer 
After our first commercial loaves, the group wanted to make some samples of American bread. Part of what makes Nyame Tsease unique in the Cape Coast bread scene is that it is an international bakery. Nyame Tsease teaches drum and dance lessons to foreigners to Ghana from all over the world. They want their bakery to reflect their diverse student base. When Natalie and I were preparing for our trip to Ghana, the group asked us if we could bring some American bread recipes. We asked our friends and family to send us their favorite bread recipes and brought those with us. While American bread recipes call for some ingredients that are not available in Ghana (cloves, walnuts, etc), most of these ingredients have appropriate Ghanaian substitutes (we intend to use cinnamon and nutmeg instead of cloves, and peanuts instead of walnuts). On Saturday, the group chose three American recipes to try baking. Banana bread, Carrot cake (which turned into carrot bread because we only have loaf pans to cook in), and Challah.
Natalie and I spent the morning converting the American measurements to Ghanaian measurements. They don’t use the cups and teaspoons we are used to here, it’s more about the ratios than the exact measurements. Our conversions must have worked out, because the bread turned out to be delicious! In fact, people liked it so much that there were requests by customers for it to be made again. So this morning (around 1am), we made the usual Ghanaian bread for sale and half batches of Challah and Carrot Cake/bread. Once again, it has all sold out! We even had to turn some customers down because they came too late.
We are hoping to get to bake with the group two more times before we have to leave on Saturday. I can’t believe how quickly the end of trip is approaching.

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