weather gods prevail !

happy new year from the tropics ! ! it has been an interesting couple of days in colombo. on the 2nd of january we had a meeting with the Indian Ocean Marine Affairs Cooperation (IOMAC), an organization we had been in contact with about our project. the meeting was a success. IOMAC is very interested in our work + agreed to work in collaboration with us. a panel of senior board members and researchers were present at the meeting, and the field director is now working with us on the ground. all our diving equipment has been acquired from the dive shop sri lanka, our bags are packed, our routes figured out and we are ready to get in the water. despite preliminary success, the weather gods have other plans for the project as the weather in our project region has been terrible. freak weather conditions have also plagued the country overall for the last couple of weeks, with floods and landslides occurring regularly. these weather conditions are uncharacteristic for this time of the year and this troubles us. with that being said, the community aspect of our project however starts tomorrow – so things are happening on the ground, but a little differently as planned. 

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