Beginning and Returning: Northern Minnesota

Northern Minnesota

I’m in Northern Minnesota again. In a week, I’ll be up at Northland High School in Remer working on a college access program. It’s been years since I’ve been there. (Although I was homeschooled, I visited that public school occasionally for tests and such.) The guidance counselor seems glad that I’ll be back to help the students find colleges and jobs. I bought most of the materials I’ll need while I was in the cities: ink, paper, and folders. It’s amazing how quickly $100 disappears in OfficeMax. I tried to be sustainable  — most is recycled or reusable. I bought 72 paper folders: that should be enough for most of the 10th-12th graders. It’s a small school (about 390 students total in K-12), but serves a wide area. It has some college access resources already, but they haven’t been utilized to much effect by students in recent years. I talked to a few who went to 4-year colleges, several who chose not to go at all, and many who go to the community college because of confusion about financial aid. So I’ve been designing a series of workshops for the past few months around paying for, and succeeding in, college.

I’m very excited to start in January and rejoin this community!!!

About Grrl22

A homeschooled student from Northern Minnesota who loves random bits of knowledge, college, community, and nature.

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