All Days are Equal

by Leah Plummer
All Days are Equal? For those of you who read my email blasts from study abroad, you may remember the snippets of wisdom from the backs of taxis. For those of you who didn’t, in Ghana, most of the taxis have decal letters spelling out phrases in English or Fante on their rear windows. On our way home from the airport we saw one that said, “All Days are Equal.” It sure doesn’t feel that way right now.
It’s been a whirlwind to get to this point. Wednesday: Capstone due, Champagne toast with capstone class, errands for the trip, house dinner, packing with the band, bed. Thursday: More errands, flight to Chicago, beginning of flight to London. Friday: rest of flight to London, flight to Accra (the capital of Ghana), landed around 9pm, two hour car ride home to Cape Coast. Woah.
From the moment Natalie and I stepped off the plane, we knew we had arrived in Ghana. Some combination of the sticky, humid heat and the distinctive, though indescribable, smell. It immediately brought smiles to our face. Antoinette, our host, the only female master drummer in Ghana, and the leader of Nyame Tsease African Traditionals (the cultural group we will be working with), has already made us groundnut soup, both mine and Natalie’s favorite. In short, it’s good to be back.
As far as the bakery goes, we’ve had a some great conversations with Antoinette filling us in on everything we had missed. The group went to Sweden at the end of August for a month. A Swedish church group funded their trip. It sounds as if the trip was both challenging and rewarding, and Nyame Tsease has come out of it a stronger, more committed group. They are very excited to work on the bakery and have spent a lot of time gathering updated information on the prices of the items we will need. Natalie and I spent some time compiling the budget and tomorrow we will begin buying the things we need to build the structure. Once we have the structure up, we will buy the ingredients and being baking! I keep having to remind myself that this is real. We have been talking about this trip for so long that it’s hard to believe we are finally here. And that the bakery is underway! It is great and exciting and maybe even a little scary.
Alright, my time at the internet cafe is about to run out. Akwaaba! As they say here. Consider yourselves welcomed to Ghana.
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