It was quesadilla day at camp today!  We brought in heirloom tomatoes, two varieties of onions, red bell peppers, and spinach, with enough cheese to cover the whole shebang.  Before setting down to the cooking of it all, we brainstormed some lists of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, and talked about how our quesadillas would include all of those categories!  Important takeaways include: spaghetti is not a vegetable, cheese is a protein (we’re going by loose definitions here), and cooking is fun!

I cut up the vegetables to the campers’ specifications, the red onions larger than the spanish yellow because they’re “prettier”, the tomatoes small, the peppers large.  We cooked the onions and added the rest of the ingredients as everyone took turns stirring.  Then, we made them into quesadillas and practiced the highly skilled art of flipping.

Some campers were reluctant to eat their vegetables, and stealthily picked out their peppers and spinach, but by the end of the day, every camper agreed that they now wanted to make quesadillas at home.

Here is some photoevidence, and stay tuned for a harvest update!


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