Space and Land

Throughout this summer working on the farm, there have been countless experiences that remind me of the importance of connection. Whether it is through reading and researching farming techniques that people around the world have used and developed over centuries, or through a simple head nod and smile to an elderly Hmong man passing by as I weed beets, I cannot help but be mindful of the simplicity and beauty of the shared human experience. It has been such an awesome opportunity to be a part of a food cultivation operation that is unlike any other in the Twin Cities, yet takes advantage of some age old farming techniques that seek to improve soil quality and yield from year to year while maintaining a diverse agro-ecosystem. This summer has certainly made me consider deeply the way we treat land, and I cannot help but think that there exists a parallel for the way we treat people. we must maintain a respect and reverence in the way we treat both and seek out connections in order to form healthy, thriving communities. 


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