95% Humidity, or: Swimming on a Bike

Here we are approaching the last three weeks of Learn to Ride, and Hannah and I can hardly believe it. Instead of winding down, it seems that things are picking up as we prepare for classes open to the public; a “Train the Trainers” session to teach others how to teach someone to ride a bike; and a final report to inform how Cycles for Change might continue a Learn to Ride program in the future.

Another warm night descends over the Mississippi.

Our initial plan was to aim for 5 series of classes at different organizations, with 3 classes at each of those organizations. As scheduling chaos – turns out it’s tricky to coordinate so many busy schedules! – and multiple heat warnings  ensued and threw a wrench into some of our plans, we’ve revised them, doing what we can to make classes available to everyone who had expressed interest. This has taken the form of individual lessons, a second series at the same organization for those who couldn’t come to the first, and now classes open to the general public. (more information on those at http://cyclesforchange.org/!)

Minnehaha Falls

Some of the highlights of the last couple weeks have made the heat worth it, though. We took a group ride with one of our classes to Minnehaha Falls one morning, despite 100-degree weather. One of the women started out this summer still trying to find her balance; four weeks later, we rode 7 1/2 miles to Minnehaha Falls! It was really exciting. What a difference between pedaling around in the parking lot and soaring along the bike path and crossing the Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “95% Humidity, or: Swimming on a Bike

  1. As you guys are rapping up your classes what kind of overall themes have you seen emerge? I’d love to hear how you evolved and modified the classes over the summer, and how the last few are going!

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