Final Reflections (Again!)

Just wanted to add on briefly to Madisen’s reflections. First off, here are some photos from the Blowout Bash we hosted as our last major event at Clare Midtown, complete with a potluck barbecue, karaoke, and a talent show. The event happened too late to make it onto the final CD of photos we submitted to the IGC, but here are a few for everyone to enjoy.

I’d also like to reiterate Madisen in mentioning our final guidebooks. We’d love it if you got the chance to take a look at them, but more importantly than reading ours, I’d really encourage you to follow through and engage in some kind(s) of formalized reflection yourselves. To everyone still working through their projects, I can’t stress enough the impact that reflecting alone, discussing with others, and formally compiling these reflections (and then reflecting again), has had on my ultimate understanding of this summer.

That said, all of our projects are different, reflection happens differently for each individual, and some of us don’t have the luxury of a group to reflect with outside of this blog. But that’s what Skype is for, right? If anyone wants to take a step back and talk through their summer, I would be ecstatic to hear your stories and to help you process your experiences, especially since Madisen and I will be gone in the fall when all of you reconvene. Just let me know! My email is and my Skype name is betreeb.

Finally, I’d really like to thank Eily, Christy, and the Student Council for seeing this project through –– the last two months are definite contenders for both the most challenging and the most rewarding months of my life. Never underestimate what can go down right here in MSP!

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