Some Before Reflection

I’ve had to think about the benefits that Hekima Place will gain from the project. Moral than anything else, what are the implications of bringing ideas such as global citizenship to Hekima Place. Macalester College has done a great job of teaching its students to critically analyze the world around them. We are constantly asked to consider the race, class and gender implications of a lot of things. As an American Studies major, this awareness comes naturally. For this Im grateful.

Kate Fletcher, the founder of Hekima Place is a woman from North Carolina who after visiting Kenya saw the need for Hekima Place. If it wasnt for her, a handfull of young women would probably not be receiving the education they need. Hekima also encourages volunteers from around the world, even though all its permanent workers are Kenyan. Because of the already global influence Hekima has, it is the perfect place to examine theory and practice.At the same time, I feel as though a theoretical analysis (especially before I go) of Hekima Place would not include the human/experience element.

I know my presence does have a certain Western influence because I have grown up in the US. What exactly that means, I wont really find out until Im there. Still Im looking forward to confronting these issues but most importantly, learning and listening to the young women.

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