On Global Citizenship

This Caroline Karanja. Currently reporting from London. IGC has given me the opportunity to pursue a project at Hekima Place. My project seeks to converge education, women and enviroment. Hekima Place is a childrens’ home for young girls orphaned primarily due to HIV/AIDS. They are currently located in Kiseran Kenya. The home hosts 63 girls (from infants to late teens) for which it provides food, shelter, school and mentors as to assure they given the necessary resources to overcome their circumstances. Hekima Place is located in the Rift Valley, an area considered to be one of the most naturally endowed in Africa. However, due to climate and environmental changes, the people living in this area are finding that they must begin to find ways to adapt to the changes. Hekima’s location and purpose means that in order to create an effective and substantial change, one must address the environmental and societal challenges. Thus, this project seeks to create a small but substantial ripple addressing both these factors by creating a more sustainable environment, more conducive to healthier living and learning and empowering the young women of Hekima Place. The project will take place in the month of August.

Macalester College is a place that emphasizes global citizenship and community relationshop. To me, global citizenship, as a basic concept, refers to the idea that we belong to a global community as much as a national community as much as a local community. The imaginary nation, state, ethnic, language, cultural, class boundaries drawn that are meant to distinguish between peoples can never change the fact that we share this earth together. We are responsible for the physical and social state of each community across difference. Before apply for the Live It Fund, I had never thought to name these ideas. I am really excited to be able to invest my time in this project and more than anything else, Im excited that the IGC supports such projects.

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One thought on “On Global Citizenship

  1. I’m really excited to see you working to carry out this project Caroline, and glad that you have been able to start articulating some of your personal connections to global citizenship. I’d encourage you to think a little bit about what you as well as the community at Hekima Place will gain from this project, how can you as well as the girls influence each others understanding of global citizenship, and is that even appropriate or does it matter?

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