Global Citizenship

Before applying for the Live It! grant I never had a clear definition of global citizenship.  I assumed it had something to do with the expectation to serve others, the importance of being aware of global issues, and having the motivation to act when necessary.  However, throughout this process I realize that there are many definitions for global citizenship and there are many characteristics of a global citizen.  Dean Samatar explained four themes of global citizenship in our session:  Peace/War; Freedom; Economic Inequality; and Environment.  Through his explanation of global citizenship, I realized that my project is very complex and will serve the community on many levels. First, Bethany and I will raise awareness about the importance of building a community in a space that does not currently have a very strong one.  Second, we will listen to the residents and give them the freedom to decide which activities they want.  These activities, over time, will build friendship and a sense of community among the residents.  Third, we will set up sustainable programs that can be continued by residents of Clare Midtown once we leave.  Fourth, we will encourage the surrounding neighborhoods to get involved with Clare Midtown, which will spread awareness and help form a larger community.  And fifth, we will compile our reflections and experiences in a guidebook that will be given to Clare Midtown.  Clare Midtown can choose to distribute this guidebook to other facilities if they choose, as a way to share our gained knowledge with others in order to replicate our project in the future.  This last part really fits under the definition of global citizenship, because we are not only thinking on the very specific, community scale, but also on a much broader scale.  If our project is a success, it will be an example for other people in the future.  We will be open to change and transformation in our project, and will remain mindful of the impacts we are having locally as well as globally.

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