A Pleasant Surprise

The one thing that has continually impressed me most throughout the time I have embarked on my project is other people’s willingness to support me, either by my solicitation or their general goodwill. Time is a precious thing and I don’t think anybody would claim to have enough of it. Still, one person after another has given me several hours out of their week, or summer, to offer what they know about the college application process, because they know they possess knowledge that others can benefit from.

I had not expected people to come forward and put their efforts into a project they knew hardly anything about, designed by someone they knew nothing about. It’s almost like a blind leap of faith, although not so drastic. Some of these people have forgone money and work, others have just gotten off a shift at work, but they all have volunteered their time.

Part of why I decided to make a video on the college application process was that I felt disillusioned by the effort out there to successfully move students through the education system and into college. The importance of post-secondary education, to individuals and society at large, increases each year. Yet, it seemed too many people were falling through the cracks and their cries were falling on deaf ears.

But the willingness of others to contribute to this documentary has altered my vision. I still believe expanding college access is a mission that more people need to get behind, but I also believe that many out there, including those in the field of education, already recognize and are eager to move forward with it.

Every story and willing sign of support reminds me of this eagerness. At the beginning of the summer, I sent out a load of emails one afternoon, only half expecting to hear back from anyone. Several people responded and offered to donate their time. One private college counselor in Seattle has contributed more than any other person to this project. She entered into the field of college counseling due to the disparity in guidance provided at her son’s fancy private school in Seattle and that of the public schools in the city. Just today, Seattle University offered to waive their filming fee to let me film on their campus, due to the nature of the project.

These people, their enthusiasm, their acknowledgement have consistently reaffirmed my conviction in this project. We have all offered our time, thoughts, and effort to improve life in the society we live in. I hope to continue seeing people move forward with that ethic in the future.

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