What now??? Or What now…

The election fever seems to have dropped, at least in this school. As the weekend’s party is over and Obama’s rise to power is loudly and cheerfully celebrated we now face Monday. And, gosh, I really hate Mondays, but they do come around once a week. Obama, too, will have to face the responsibility of being the first man of this powerful and influential country very soon. What now? is a difficult question because it depends on how one asks it. It can be asked in a manner that in itself implies a failure, a heavy sigh and sense of helplessness or it can be asked cheerfully with an intention to roll up the sleeves and do ‘it’!

I think, or rather believe, that Obama’s intonation when asking this question is the latter. What now? I have no doubt, as probably believed by many others, that Obama knows what he’s in for. My concern, however, arises from having observed the comments and behavior of potential voters supporting Obama, especially in the last few weeks before the Election Day. Way past a superstar’s status Obama was glorified in a manner I had never seen before. It almost seemed to me that his rise to the Presidency would mean a fulfillment of a messianic vision. I want to be clear – with this observation I am not either approving or dismissing such perceptions. I am simply stating the obvious – Obama has had a very high pedestal built for him. In Latvia we say that who climbs high falls low. Depressing yet quite natural – gravity.

I wish Obama all the best, yet my concern is exactly because of the pedestal. I don’t want the American people who so strongly believe in Obama and his amazing abilities to lead their country to get disappointed again. It’s been eight long years of disappointment already. Yet, for now it seems that Obama is being placed on a throne built with people’s hopes and aspirations, admirations and glorifications. My fear is that it will eventually come down. I just hope that Obama manages to climb down before it happens. Or possibly, and more preferably, turn these aspirations and hopes into reality.

Obama will need much strength and nothing will come easily, not with the messy country he is facing now. Yet, I believe he will succeed, especially if the American people can promise to not give up on him when he fails once or twice, or three times. Because, regardless of the messianic visions ascribed to him, I am quite sure he is only a human being. And as we all know, human beings make mistakes. Even presidents. And yes, even presidents of United States…

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