Strategic Planning and the Future of the IGC

I will liberally take advantage of the theme “What’s Next?” by posing some questions regarding what’s next for the IGC. As some of you know, I’m currently on the IGC Strategic Planning Committee which is a semester long(ish) council consisting of staff, faculty and students which is outlining a short-term and long-term recommendation plan for the IGC. This includes conceptual ideas, programmatic recommendations, and “how-to” sorts of things like partnership building for example. We would like this process to be open to the Macalester community for anyone who would like to make constructive recommendations. So here is your chance!! Please post to this article anything that might answer the following questions:

1) What sorts of programming ideas do you have that would foster creative integration of civic engagement, multiculturalism, and internationalism? Any ideas for a unifying program/initiative that brings together all of these?

2) What sorts of unique partnerships do you anticipate could support unique issues of global citizenship?

3) In what ways could the IGC promote sustainability? (not just the environmental sense but in terms of economics, equity, hospitality, etc)

Please leave constructive feedback on any of the ideas we have generated thus far:

  • More study away opportunities (summer/J-term, international students or anyone on domestic programs, internships/civic engagement abroad)
  • Avenues for reflection on our experiences (some kind of leadership program?)
  • Develop relationships with high-level organizations for internship ops (such as international aid, health, banking etc.)
  • Publication of faculty/student scholarship
  • Global citizenship concentration
  • Civic forum: planned by departments who might offer courses related, civic engagement component?
  • Community forum organized by community partner in collaboration with students (funded by IGC)
  • Tying together community, civic, and international forums around a specific related topic
  • Web presence: videos and photos answering the oh-so-broad question “what is global citizenship?”

Whew! What do you say?

2 thoughts on “Strategic Planning and the Future of the IGC

  1. I like the idea of more J-term options, even if they’re just allowing folks to keep working on projects here at Mac over January.

  2. I think that the best thing the IGC could do for students is to help connect them with internships at high-level organizations so that they can learn how others are engaging in issues.

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