I’m No Slave 4 U

APW2001090708966After a very long rally and a painful election, that many times caused a “sweet” headache that several Macalester students will miss, change happened. As we all struggle to recover from our election addiction, trying to gaze away from our CNN monitors, or Fox News for an additional dose of laughter, we all keep wondering what is going to happen next.

In my last indulging act of addictive behavior following the election I was looking at videos of Sarah Palin on Fox News. I would not go far enough to say I have been an elections junkie, but I will sure miss the comments of my beloved self-declared “conservative libertarian” Dennis Miller. More than a decade after he defined himself as such in a Playboy interview, I cannot stop wondering how out of line his comments explaining why McCain didn’t win are:

In this last binge of Palin and Fox News, I have been informed that Sarah has been so incredible, that even post-Obama-victory she is getting more ink now than the elected president. “It looks like she won” I am informed via Fox News. Clearly, people working in the media industry realize that the more “ink” you get the better, no matter what that ink says. Next thing you know Britney Spears is a global leader, enriching her comeback with her debut in the political realm. Women on the left will probably like her better than they liked Palin: they can empathize more with her unstable sex life. Yes Dennis, McCain lost because of Palin’s “great sex life” and lack of neuroses.

Gimme more neuroses, because I don’t want a faux feminist.

Back to the big question, I may not predict what is next. However, the wisdom of Britney’s new single “Womanizer” may provide a potential response to what happened with Sarah:

Lollipop, must mistake me, you’re the sucker. To think that I, would be a victim, not another. Say it, play it, how you wanna? But no way I’m ever gonna fall for you. Never you, baby.

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